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Gentlemen Intensifier Tanning Lotion Packet

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Gentlemen Intensifier Tanning Lotion Packet

G Gentlemen Intensifier is the tanning accelerator Australian Gold that has been especially designed for the tough male skin, making it more strong and more healthy for the darkest color possible. Our technology for tattoo ColorGuard™ helps prevent loss of color caused by exposure to sunlight or UVA, also offering an added hydration. It hydrates, strengthens and protects for a color that only a true gentleman can have!

Coconut water moisturizing - concentrated Amount of coconut juice regenerates, revitalizes and softens for a healthy color and dark.

Intensifier dark - Stimulating melanin only intensifies for a golden hue.

Mix CellActive® - a unique Blend especially designed for tough male skin increases the elasticity of the skin and contains moisturizers ensuring a hydration more long-lasting.

Technology for tattoo ColorGuard™- The ‘magic herb’, Herb of Tiger, it is a mixture of ultra-moisturizer that helps to retain the color of the tattoos.

Fragrance Type: Hard – top notes of orange and bergamot Italian, middle notes of geranium and green leaves, base notes of cedar, vetiver haitian, patchuli and moss

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