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Most SHO 9000 Absolute Bronzing Cocktail 13.5 oz.

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 Most SHO 9000 Absolute Bronzing Cocktail 13.5 oz.

Absolute Bronzing Cocktail is the science behind this bronzer.  Human skin consists of melanin cells. Under the sunlight, melanin cells are activated and produce melanin in order to protect the skin from sun’s damage. This production of melanin causes a darkening of skin tone. An intelligent bronzer, Most- Absolute Bronzing Cocktail activates skin’s melanin cells to naturally produce a gradient in the skin shade. Since the melanin cells are activated, the tan developed is even in tone. Additionally, natural melanin activation implies that it can be used for all skin tones. The skin’s melanin is a self-regulating chemical. The melanin activators used in the formula include Protovanol and Tyrosine. When you put on Absolute Bronzing Cocktail, you are not merley smothering makeup over your face; you are making your skin produce melanin and hence develop a quick tan.
Enhanced with Oxysomes encapsulated antioxidant Vitamins E & C plus our special blend of melanin activators including Protovanol and Tyrosine with moisture complex to help skin stay soft, and healthy looking.



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