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Onyx Hot Action Accelerator Lotion by Power Tan 8 oz.

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Onyx Hot Action Accelerator Lotion by Power Tan 8 oz.

This Extreme Hot action Lotion has been formulated for advanced tanners. We have used the right blend of ingredients to send you beyond your tanning plateau with advanced Tingle sensation and packed with powerful ingredients. Our Unique blend keeps your skin healthy to hold the longest lasting tan possible.The moment you apply Onyx Tanning formula you will feel the tan working. Almost immediately, the rich concentrations of natural vitamins and powerful botanical extracts (Hemp Oil) are helping to increase the microcirculation in your skin. This heightened level of circulation actually increased your skin`s ability to tan. The reddened, flushed sensation is your sign that Onyx is working and that you are being prepared for the darkest tan possible. As the microcirculation is increased, your skin will experience better oxygenation and cell regeneration.

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